Terrorism and Communism

Author: Leon Trotsky

ISBN: 978-1-898231-24-0

‘History down to now has not thought out any other way of carrying mankind forward than that of setting up always the revolutionary violence of the progressive class against the conservative violence of the outworn classes.’

Besieged by imperialism, attacked from within by the scum of the Tsarist officers, in the three years following October 1917, the Russian Revolution also had to encounter the assaults of its enemies within the international labour movement.

This book is Trotsky’s reply to Karl Kautsky, the renegade from Marxism. Written in the midst of the fighting, while he was directing the campaigns of the Red Army, it lays down uncompromisingly the historical justification of the actions of the Bolsheviks.

It remains a crucial part of the fight to bring the lessons of the October Revolution to the international working class.